Attention: First Grade Teachers

During first grade, students must learn about the continents, major oceans, and landforms (Georgia Performance Standard SS1G3 a, b, and c).

I have included a list of some resources that you may find helpful when teaching this standard.

Books to Support the Standard


Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney

Looking at Maps and Globes by Carmen Bredeson

The Seven Continents by Wil Mara

Coasts by Sheila Anderson

Mountains by Sheila Anderson

Plains by Sheila Anderson

Plateaus by Sheila Anderson

Valleys by Sheila Anderson

The Four Oceans by Wil Mara

Oceans and Seas by Cassie Mayer




All of these can be found at


Our Great Big Beautiful Planet by Rebecca Connolly

Continents of the World by Karen Adams

Landforms Are Beautiful by Kristi Dawdy

Maps and Globes by Kristi Dawdy

Landforms- Continents and Oceans



 United Streaming Video


Landforms #1—Provides a good introduction to continents, oceans, and all landforms listed in the Georgia Performance Standards.  There is also a quiz for review as part of this video.



Map of the Continents


Map of Continents (not labeled)




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