What is your favorite book???

I would love to know about your favorite books!  Please leave a comment with the title of your favorite book and why you like that title so much.  Thanks for visiting the media center blog!


8 thoughts on “What is your favorite book???

  1. warror cats
    seekers ( by erin hunter )
    firewing ( forgotten wrighter )
    the 39 clues ( lots of wrighters )
    alex rider ( anthony horrowiz )( i think i spelt his name wrong)
    my book that i can revel the name of yet… (ME!)
    and noddy ’cause hes epic!!!!! ( and the rest of the authors books)

  2. oh yes and the bfg, danny the champian of the world, the twits.
    harry potter ( J.K. Rowling)
    Captain under pants ( Dav Pilkey)
    Fank and the black hamster of narkiz
    frank and the chamber of fear
    frank and the flames of truth
    and the last one which i cant remember (livi Michael)
    Astrosaurs ( steve cole)

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