Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Students- Post Here!

Hello Students!

Please post a response here to any of the titles that you have read for the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl.  Posting to Mrs. Sikes blog about the title will earn you 5 HRRB team points.  You may post for more than one book.  In your post please include the title of the book and tell me about your favorite or least favorite part (please include character names!)

I can’t wait to read these!

You may also earn 5 points by posting to the Georgia Book Award Nominee blog– click HERE to go there.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Sikes


39 thoughts on “Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Students- Post Here!

  1. The book i read was The Rising Star Of Rusty Nail.
    My favorite part of the book was the begining. The part in the begining was when Franny and Sandy threw water balloons. Also, it was kinda weird how Nancy thinks she is better then everyone. I think the reason she thinks see is better than everyone is because her dad is the richest man in Rusty Nail. But she said when they were sharing in class what they did over the break. Nancy said that her family ivited everyone in Rusty Nail. But then she looked back at Franny and Sandy and said well not everyone. Well that is my favorite part and a little about the book.

    • The Rising Star of Rusty Nail was one of my favorite books, too! I was so disappointed when Nancy Orilee’s dad paid for her to win the contest in Minneapolis. Thanks for your post, Kayla!

  2. The book I read was Bearwalker.
    It is about a human bear thing that kills people. A middle school kid named Baron must kill the bearwalker and stop two camp counselors from robbing the camp owners.My favorite part is when the bearwalker which is a shapeshifter is killed by a black bear. A shapeshifter is when a person turns into something else. Tha author is Jospeh Burchac.

    • When I found out that Troy’s mom got the job with the Atlanta Falcons, I was immediately interested in the book (because they are from our state). Did you like Football Genius, Wilekia? Thanks for posting!

      • Yes Football Genius was a great book. I liked that Troy could read plays before it happend like he knew there play before they even knew it.

    • It was a very interesting book, Wilekia! Sandy was probably my favorite character in the book because she always wanted to spy on people. Thanks for posting!

  3. Trading Places was a good book. I liked how Amy decied to work with Violet on thier project for the teacher. Then i liked that Issah had come up with crayon critters.

  4. Do The Math Lies Secrets Algebra was a great book. But I wonder why Rob acted like he didnt know they didnt like each other. But at the end he told the truth with out acting crazy

  5. In Greeting From Nowhere I liked how Kirby was going to the bording school but near the end he gave the poodle pen back to the little girl(can’t remeber the name) that was very nice since it belonged to her dead mother

  6. In Leepike Ridge Tom was stuck in the Wild (Kinda like Hatchet) Then went underground when he went with the water and met the man who knew his father and he buried him. Then he told him the truth how his father died that was a great part. Then some of the men who killed his father came back to his house and tried to kill him. I mainely parahrase the story.

  7. The Puzzling World Of Wiston Breen was Great! I like the part where Dlimer acted good but at the end he acted who he was he pulled out a gun and threated to kill him if wiston didnt figure out the puzzle he did put Dilmer went to jail. i parahrase another story. sorry for both books.

  8. Bearwalker was a very interesting book because i found out what an otgont is Neither human nor animal but a terrible mixture of both .

    • do the math was intresting.in this book everybody thought that rob killed his wife but he did not. she died from carbon monoxide. this is a gas that is harmful and after a while it can kill you.


  10. Deep Dark and Dangerous was a very very very………. egstravagant book because Mary Downning Hahn wrote and when i read that book not to many months after my class read a book by her called The Old Willis Place.And now we will start reading another book by her called All The Lovely Bad Ones so then i found a pattern about her she loves to write about ghosts.

  11. I read Football Genius.I liked the book because the football team is the Atlanta Falcons. The author Tim Green also played for the Falcons.It is about a boy who can read the plays before they happen.

  12. I read Saving the Griffen. I liked the book because it had mysterious things. The book is about two kids who find a baby griffen and must take care of it. A griffen is an animal that looks like an eagle mixed with a lion.

  13. I read Deep,Dark,and Dangerous. I liked it because their was a ghost in it. My favorite part was when Ali and Emma found out Sissy was really a ghost named Teresa who knew their mothers.

  14. the sorta sisters was a good book. i liked instead of talking on the phone of=r anything like that they wrote letters. i did not like the part where she sent a shell(i dont remember the girls name)to her pen pal. it was kinda sad because she never got to see wat it looked like when it was not smashed.

  15. do the math was intresting. everyone thought that rob killed his wife but he did not. carbon monoxidie killed her which is a poisions gas.

  16. I read The Puzzling World of Winston Breen. I liked the book because their were puzzles in the book that you can try to solve. I also like when the robbers kidnapped Winston to solve the puzzle so they could get the ring.

  17. I read Secrets, Lies, and Algerbra. I liked the part when Nina died. Every one thought Rob killed her, but she really died of carbo monoxide.

  18. Billy Creekmore was a great book. It is about a kid named Biily who was born at midnight on Friday 13. He moves from an orphange, to his uncle’s house, to a circus, to another circus, then back to the first circus.

  19. i really loved reading all the books and i hope you enjoy them as much as i did and good luck un your reading bowl.

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