Congrats to our HRRB team!

I would like to say thank you to all of the students who have worked to join our first ever Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl team!  All of you are awesome!  Every student who participated put forth a great deal of effort, which I appreciate!  If you didn’t make the team this year, work hard and maybe you can make the team next year.  Keep on reading and you will be successful!

Students who are on the team:  Please feel free to comment on this post to tell me about your favorite and LEAST favorite book that you read.


6 thoughts on “Congrats to our HRRB team!

  1. My favorite book is Deep and Dark and Dangerous. Because I love ghost stories and Mary Downing Haun. My favorite part is where Sissy dragged Ali and Emma into there grandfathers boat called THE SPRIT OF THE LAKE. She took them all the way unto the deepend and threw the doll into the lake while Emma went and got it and almost drowend but luckly Ali saved her from drowning. Also my favorite person of the book is Sissy. Hint Hint (dont read it at night) (i did and people said the got nightmeres but i didnt)


  2. Actually I dont have a least favorite book but my favorite book is football genius because of the way troy got the courage to sneak into the country club.And if i was Troy I would be kicked off the football team because of Jamie.In deep Dark and Dangerous i was scared *(Hint)* dont i repeat dont read it at night.You will have nightmares i dreamed that Sisy/Teresa was trying to drown me instead of Allie and Emma.

    dont have a least fovorite book.My favorite book is football genius because i loved the

    • Hi Wilekia!
      I’m so glad that middle school is going well for you! Please let me know if you ever need help finding information.
      Always do your best!
      Mrs. Sikes

  3. Hi,
    Mrs. Sikes I would like to say congratalutions on getting teacher of the year. I would sat my favorite book is my life in pink and green. It’s about a girl who is picked on, then she helps other people and well that’s all I can tell you. My least favorite book is a book in the Nancy Drew books. It is not my kind of reading, i’m into adventure/ greek mythology not mystery.

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