Resources Rock!

Please post information about your assigned resource:  Atlas, Almanac, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, or Dictionary.

Tell me what you learned about today.


5 thoughts on “Resources Rock!

  1. Atlas
    An Atlas shows maps. There are two kinds a world and country. It tells about each country in the world atlas and in the country it tells about each state. In the world and country it tells about historic places like in the world it tells about the Great Wall Of China. Do you know when to use it? My family uses an Atlas when we are on a road trip. When would you use an Atlas?????

  2. thesaurus

    a thesaurus can be used for many things especially sysnyoms and antynoms.
    ,but mostly synynoms. i use a thesaurus for synynoms but, not many antynoms.
    you can also find definitions too. if youneed another definition or word go to a theasurus.

  3. In the almanic you can find different recoures. You can find where states are located and who stays in that state and mony other facts. You can find alot of things all around the world. there are many recoures you can even find out many people are in every state.

  4. Dictionary,
    The dictionary is used for many reasons. Like the definition,pronouceation,and it tells you that it is a noun or whatever. So the dictionary is used for a lot of stuff it even has various examples. Speakin of examples here is one drowsey-[drou-zee] sleepy. This medicine will make you drowsey. So the dictionary is used for many reasons I wonder if somebody will makeup any new words?

  5. An Encyclopedia is very useful. It tells you about history,animals,jobs,places,etc. You can find things like the Civil War,World War Two,and people like Martin L. King,Hitler,and Churchill. Pretty much everything has 2 or more pages. I would use this resource when I have to do a S.S. project or when I have to research something like flowers. For instance the Gardenia which is a tree and shrub. There are also many other things,you should try one.

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