School Experiences with Technology…?

My school days were quite different from our current educational system.  When I was in elementary school, there was not a computer lab at my school, so there were not Accelerated Reader tests to take,  web sites to visit, or an ActivBoard to use.  I was fortunate, however, because my dad was really into computers, so I got a chance to use a computer at home.  My first experience with computers in school was in tenth grade, when I took a Keyboarding class.  My teachers did not use technology within their classrooms, except in the few computer classes that I took.  In college my professors expected me to be able to write papers using a computer, find websites that were helpful for other people in the class, and make presentations using PowerPoint.  My graduate school professors pushed me further into my use of technology by assigning projects, such as building web sites and starting a blog.  I have since learned to use wikis, blogs, podcasts, and create digital movies.  I feel that sharing these tools with students helps them to think more deeply about what they are learning.  Seeing what my students can make using technology makes me very excited!

What has your school experience with (or without) technology been like?  Do you see any changes in the near future?  How do you feel about using technology for school projects?


17 thoughts on “School Experiences with Technology…?

  1. It must be differant then when you where a kid because most schools have computers.We use computers for alot of stuff like to type right now and how you did.We use them in alot of classrooms and it helps us with stuff.Most people like to use computers for projects and I like to use them two.I think computers help us alot and I like using them.

  2. It has been VERY good and I am glad to have the chance to use computers,labtops,active boards, and more. Because I know that some kids don’t get to use these things or even get to go to school and get an education. And it’s kind of exciting to know that in a couple of years or even soon we will have alot of new kind of technology…and who knows what there going to make, and by there i mean like bestbuy people and things like that.

  3. I think we are very lucky to have good technology these days.I think that because are school has ActivBoards,and Computers.I like using technology because it sometimes can help us kids learn more, it can help us by doing OAS testing, Reading,Math,Science and Social Studies.That is what I think having good technology is all about.

  4. i think we are smart students and i go on my compter all the time and my parents when they were growing up they did not have compters like you said and learn more and we can be very nice and be good students and learn technology and be in middle school and all the way and get a job.

  5. I would say it had been very fun with technology.You can play learning games teaches us alot.I do see alot of changes in the future,I think that trere will be more expensive,and more fun!It feels great using technology for school projects because you can find more imformation than you do books.

  6. I think it souds great to use technology.I think it will be very fun for all of us.It seems alright with me.I would like to learn mor about it. Thank you MRS.SIKE’S.

  7. My school has experienced with Active Boards.Active Boards are like laptops but it has a pen to use for it.Active Boards are fun to use.They are also grat with projects.The technology I see in the future is flying cars.I love using technology for projects and othre things.

  8. My school experience has been great especially on the active board.One thing that would be cool is a mini active board like for students at their desks.I feel really good about using technology for projects.I can’t wait to do power points.

  9. My school has experienced with Active Boards. Active
    Boards are like laptops but it has a pen to use for it.
    Active boards are fun to use .they are also grat with
    My technology I see in the future is flying boats.

  10. How are you doing Mrs.Sikes my name is Christian as you can see my name is at the top of this page.I just wanted to see if you were ok in the midea center.I really find alot of things interesting around the shcool like learnig about blogs,computers,and books.I’ve been reading a savvy book,sofar the book is very good.I hope you have a great day Mrs.Sikes thank you.

  11. we would have to read a lot of books to get smart
    and that would not be fun and we would have to do a lot more worke. and the school year would be loger then it is now. and i like useing the computer to learn because
    you can look up things for like a school praject for school and school saplis.

  12. HEY MRS.sikes it’s Quay I really like learning about computers with you. You are funny and very smart. I want to know how you learned about all that computer technic.I want to know I want to know alot about computers too. THANKS.

  13. When I’m using technology I feel great.Because long time ago they use to have those type writters.And if you mess up you would have to start all over again.But now we have computers so when we make a mistakes we can just click on the back space button.So I think that technology is great.

  14. It’s really different from when you’re a kid because now
    you’ve learned how to use wikis,blogs,podcasts and create
    digital movies.And also your teacher didn’t use technology and now teachers do.One day I would want to
    learn how to use wikis,podcasts ,blogs and also create
    digital movies.I also hope that you can teach me how to
    use them.Because it looks like it’s fun.

  15. It would be very diffrent with out computers.Computers shaped this world to what it is today.What if we did not
    know how to make a motherboard. How would life be if we
    did not have computers.

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