How does our school library help?

Seuss collection

The last article that I reviewed for the class that I am taking was about the many ways how school libraries can help students.  Over 13,000 students in Ohio shared at least one way that their library media center has helped them.

Could you share a time when you feel that our school library has helped you?

Photo is Seuss Collection by EvelynGiggles on Flickr.  The photo was taken on July 13, 2009.

28 thoughts on “How does our school library help?

  1. Today the librarian helped me by letting me print my paragraph about the gray fox on the computer. The library helps people by showing them where books are, what type of books they want.

  2. our school library helps me find the type of book i’m looking for when i ask the media’s nice to know you can count on them to help you when you need it.

  3. I hated reading in 2nd and 3rd. It was so boring. When I was in 4th, Mrs. Sikes asked me what I liked which was cars. She showed me the non-fiction books on cars. I read everyone of the books and then moved on the the non-fiction motorcycle books. I moved on to mysteries like Hardy Boys. I am in 6th grade and I still look for books that I am interested in.

    P.S. I think you should read because you want to and not just to get AR points.

  4. Mrs. Sikes helped me with a media project that was a story called Never Steal. I wrote the story and she taught me how to video my Lego guys to act out the story. I won at the International level for my age group. I still have my medal.

  5. My school library when i first moved to hes.mrs. sikes told me how to use the dewey desimal system. i didn’t have that at my old school.but i think that the dewey disimal system is not that hard.

  6. I went in the library and could not find the book i wanted.So i had to
    ask Mrs.sikes.If it was not for her would not have found that book so that is the way she helped me.

  7. Mrs. Sikes helped me and my friend Kenyatta when we were in second grade. She helped me on a project and she also helped us with the topic. She had said a list of topics but we chose dogs. She helped us make a video for the project. She told us how to create things on our video. I had a fun time making it.

  8. The library at school helps me alot. When I need a book, the school librarians help me to find nice books. When I am trying to check out a book they tell me that I cant because i have two other books not checked,but they say it in a nice friendly way.

  9. The Library has helped me by checking out a book and putting the shelf
    marker in before you take a book off the shelf. Also it has helped me by
    checking out the book that is on my level.

  10. The library helped me more times I can think of, but I can only remeber a few. I’ll tell you one. They helped me with cheking out books that I coudn’t find. they also helped my little brother with his media project. He won school and county! We don’t know about state yet but I hope he won that to.

  11. the library helps me so I can get more AR points and cheak out books so I can earn my AR points . And if I get all of my AR points so I can go to the AR celabration and then we can party with my friends and have fun we can play bord games like cheas and we can watch videos.

  12. The library helped me today on September27th.They helped me when I didn’t turn my book in on time. The book’s name was Savvy and it’s a very good book but when I turned in a book that was different insted of taking the book Savvy they just let me keep the book inteel I was through reading it and I was very glad.

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