Welcome New HRRB Students!

Hello Aspiring Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team Members!

By now you have read at least one Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl book.  Hopefully, you have read three or more of these books.  I have read all of them that are required for elementary school students.  In my opinion some of the books were WONDERFUL, others were good, and a couple were just so-so.  You have your own opinion about the books that you have read so far.   For your first post, please tell me about the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Book that you have liked best or least so far and tell me (and the other students) why.  Be sure to include information about at least two of the characters in the book.

Be sure to include in your post these four things:

1.  The title of the book

2.  Did you like it best or least?

3.  Why did you like it best or least?

4.  Who were two of the characters in the book and why were they important?

Happy reading and Good luck with the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl!

Mrs. Sikes


22 thoughts on “Welcome New HRRB Students!

  1. The name of my favorite book is Bird Lake Moon.The two main charaters are Spencer and Mitch.They are very important because thart smart, funny,and interesting.But my favorite charater is Spencer,I liked how he talk about his brother’s death and how he miss him but then he realized that his brother was is his HEART.

  2. DarkWing is my favorite book I have read so far. It is about a new born bat and his dad is trying to teach him how to glide. And his dad name is Icaron. And he has 8 brothers and one of his sisters name is Sylph. And the baby bat name is Dusk.

  3. i like the story Diamond Willow because it is like a rollercoaster some parts of the story are happy some are sad some mad i think my favorite part is when the family is talking about when they got Roxy. Roxy is there sled dog she ran into a stick and lost her eye sight. mom and dad wanted to put her to sleep(kill) so Willow and Kaylie try to take roxy to willow grandma and grandpas house when they get to her grandparents house willow finds out that she had a sister that died as a baby and in the end willow finds out that roxy can see again but roxy doesnt want anyone to no elso

  4. I liked Diamond Willow the best so far. What I liked the most about it was when Kaylie and Willow got lost in the woods with Roxy. Kaylie and Willow are the two main characters in the book because they are mentioned the most.

  5. my favorite book is savvy. the main cheritors are mibs and will.In this story they like each other but they want addmit it. plus in the story they go thou an adventure like never before.but my favorite charitor is mibs because she is very determinded and willing to sneak away and get her father alive.

  6. Seekers was my favorite book so far. Three bears Toklo,Lusa,and Kalik.Each chapter they would tell about the bears.My favorite person was Toklo a brown bear whose brother and mom died.

  7. The book I’m typing about is called Seekers. I liked it because it was sad and had an adventure in it. It was my favorite book! The three main characters are Toklo, Lusa, and Kalikk. they’re important because they’re all following the same star then they all meet up at the same place.

  8. My favorite book from the Helen Ruffins reading bowl is The Magic Thief.
    Th reason i like the magic thief is because it about a boy from Twilght that was without a home. The boy was a thief for a living. then one he was hiding in a dark alley waiting for someone to take from. Then he saw wizard walking by he grabbed the wizard magic out of him. I think that you should read this book because it tells that if you that stealing and fibing is not good because when takes you you to tell the truth about your life

  9. My favorite Hellon Ruffen Reading Bowl book has to be “Diamond Willow”. I like it because she likes dogs like me and she likes to dogsled, and I want to dogsled one day. I would recomend this books to others because the book isn’t to hard and isn’t to easy. It is in betwen to hard and to easy. I really like this book if I were you.

  10. My favorite was We can’t all be rattlesnakes it was so awsome.The only reason I like it because it about this cooperhead he or a she was looking for something to eat and then he saw this boy and the boy saw him and said rattlesnake. A cooperhead looks like a rattle snake but it don’t has a rattle.The cooperhead shook it tail and the boy look at it cloesly and said you are a cooperhead .The boy left and came back awhile holding a golf stick and pick the snake up.If you wantto find out more go to the Media Center and check out We can’t all be rattlesnakes.

  11. If you want to read the coolest book in the library, check out Dragon’s Egg! It has love, swords, and best of all it has dragons! My two favorite characters are the golden dragon and the full cast of wild dragons! My favorite thing about them is that you don’t want to get near them.Bye here at the libary!Read the book now.

  12. Diamond Willow is my favorite book. My two favorite characters are Roxy and the Dad. The Dad is important because he is the head of the house. Roxy is important because she is the dad’s favorite dog and because she is one of the strongest and fastest dogs.

  13. I read a book called Hummingbird. It’s a great book ,you should defenitly read
    it! It is about a little girl named Marchanne who lives on a watermelon farm , with her brother , her dad , and her grandma Grenna. Her mom passed away when she was very young.She also has two best friends. They go back into the woods and make up names and thats what they call each other.I advise you to read this book if you want to learn more.

  14. I read a book called Diamond Willow. This is my favorite book because when I first saw the title it made me interested when the girl has two names and that’s why I choose that book to find out how she got two names .

  15. My favorite book is Bringing the Boy Home. It is a very good. The main characters are Luka and Tirio. My favorite part is when Tirio is being chased by the jaguar.

  16. My favorite book so far is Magic Thief. I like books that are fiction and magical. As you can guess the book is both fiction and magical. Two of the characters are Nevery and the duchess. Nevery is an old man wizard in the book. The dutchess is kinda like the queen of Welment.

  17. my favorite book is castle corona. I liked it best because I like castle’s, and adventure. The two character’s were the king, and queen. they were Important because, it was mostly about them, and there life.

  18. Seekers was my favorite book that I have read so foar. It’s very interesting. Every chapter is about a different bear family. The three main characters are Kallik, Lusa, and Toklo. There is a really sad part when Toklo’s brother and Kallik’s mother dies. My favorite part is when Lusa finds Toklo

  19. we can’t all be rattle snakaes.by patrick jennings.I liked this book because it
    had a lot of comedy in it,and made me want to come back for more I would sit there reading all night long because it was so good. I would never set it down even for dinner.

  20. The book I liked the most was Savvy. I liked this book becuse, it had adventure in it, it took a turn at some points and in others it just told you what was going on. Two of the charactetrs were Mibs, Mississippi, and one of her brothers Samson. I liked these two characters because, they were different from all the other characters. Samson would hide, and Mibs was a little hard to predict.

  21. Savvy was my favorite book.The thing I liked the most is the heart warming bond between Bobbi & Mibs (Mississippi).I my mind the two main characters are Fish & Mibs. Mibs is the main main character.This book is outstanding!

  22. My favorite book is Diamond Willow. I like the part when Willow and her friend are lost in the woods when they made a wrong turn. The two characters are Roxy and Dad .Dad thinks he has no chosie but to kill Roxy. Roxy is a very brave dog

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