HRRB: Exciting Scenes!

Hi Again Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Students!

All of you are doing a great job participating in the competition to be part of our school’s reading bowl team.  Here is another chance to earn some points!  Please describe the most exciting scene that you have read in one of the books so far.  Use adjectives to describe what is going on in that part of the story.  Don’t forget to include the title and author’s name somewhere within your post.  The last thing that you need to include is one quote (one sentence long) that comes directly from the book (don’t forget to include quotation marks around that sentence).

Here is what you need to include (in a short list)

1.  Title

2.  Author

3.  Description of the exciting event in your own words

4.  One quote from the book using quotation marks (only one sentence should be quoted).

I can’t wait to read these!

Mrs. Sikes


33 thoughts on “HRRB: Exciting Scenes!

  1. In the book Diamond Willow by Helen Frost on page 4 I like it when she said ,” I was named after a stick.” And I just can’t imagine her named after a stick. And the name she has doesn’t even sounds like a sticks name to me.

  2. Magic Thief
    Sarah Prineas
    when Conwater was at the dinner with Nevery on Pg.7
    ”that is my locus magicalicalicus will likey kill you.”said Nevery

  3. In the book Hummingbird by: Kimberly Greene Angle my favorite part was when all the kids except for Mary Ann’s brother went to Crutcher’s house. One of the quotes in that paragraph on page 139-140 was “Just then I screamed in horror as three white ghosts shreiked out from the barn loft with glowing eyes & lifted into the sky.”

  4. The book I am reading is called, Diamond Willow, written by Helen Frost. The most exciting part of the book was when Willow was going really fast in the sled with the dogs, and they hit something.Willow saw that Roxy’s eyes were bleeding,”My dad is going to kill me!” says Willow

  5. Darkwing
    Kenneth Oppel
    The part in the book Darkwing in the underground nest of saurians was my favorite part in the book. Where two saurians attacked to felides. here is a sentence from the book.”Dusk saw Carnassial’s eyes flick to from the saurians.

  6. In the book Seekers by Erin Hunter the most exciting and sad part is when Toklos brother Tobi died. ” Tobi was dead.”

  7. In we can’t all be Rattlesnakes,I noticed that breakfast likes to use crusher’s back as a slide.It is neat when crusher thinks”we need food.”The author is Patrick jennings.

  8. On pages 52 and 53 in the book Savvy my favorite part was when Mella was in the kitchen and she seens Bobbi’s tattoo. Her tattoo said that she was very lonley.’And that was when I fanited” was the best part of the book.The athor of this book is Ingrid Law.

  9. In the book savvy on pages 204 and 205. My favorite part was when they were in the hottel and they had to call there parents and Bobbi had to fake being Mrs. Rosemary. (Bobbi dialed glancing over her soulder towared the bathroom as she made a room to room call.)

  10. In Go Big Or Go Home I like the part when Brady was being chased by the raging buffolo and did a back hand spring over it. It was insane! “I was going to run toward him not away.”

  11. im reading Storyteller by Edwards Myers and the most exciting part to me was when Jack(the storyteller)tried to make the prince sneeze this is a quote from the story on page 56 , “imagine the beating of its wings, the buzzing of its body!” thank you!

  12. Hi hve you read storyteller if you haven’t then I will tell you a little about it.Storyteller byEdward Myers.It’s about this boy who all ways tell story alot and when he was little his first words was once upon a time .when he went into the woods he met this man and then he suddenlly notice it was garth golden eye if you want to find out what happen read it.

  13. In the book Dimond Willow by Helen Frost on page 26-27 the most exciting part to me was when Willow and Roxy got hurt because I wanted to know what woud happen.”She’s bleeding from her eyes and she won’t stop yelping.”

  14. In Diamond Willow by Helen Frost the most exciting part was when Willow said,”I had a sister?” and when Roxy could see again and Willow knew.So far this book is my favorite book.

  15. Title: The Gollywhopper Games
    Author: Jody Feldman

    Exciting Event: The exciting events to me was when Gil got out of the games, but then got back in. “Moments later, Bill whipped through the door alone, and motioned Gil, Bianca, and Thron to come closer.”

  16. Title: Storyteller. Author: Edward Myers.

    My favorite part in the Storyteller is when Loquasto saves Jack from Garth
    Golden Eye. This is what Loquasto said ” Speak not of any death but your
    own, Garth Golden Eye! For you, too, will perish- but first I’ll your good eye
    in the same sorry state as the bad one.”

  17. i read savy it is about a girl who’s family has powers and they are called savies. And Mibs wants her savy to be very powereful, but her brother Rocket says girls get sweet savies, but Rocket know how powerful girs can be . then when there mom got a call dad had a car accident and it put him in a bed in Slenea Hope hostpital and was unable to wake up.

  18. The story Savvy is a good and weird book.The part i like the most is when they were in the pool and will kissed mibs. When they lost samson and carlene house fish was so scared that he made a storm a come . I like mibs savvy because if she didn’t have that kind of savvy she have never found her little.

  19. right now i am reading the golly whopper games i am not so far so i dont no the much it is about a boy who wants to win the golly whopper games

  20. In humming bird my favorite scene was when March Anne found the dreamliner. She found a leather journal about her mother, March was her grandpa’s military name. Anne was a queen of england too. The quoted sentence is that,”She found March on a military uniform.”

  21. In the book savvy I like how Mibs has great confidence when she wakes up on her thirteenth birthday and thinks she can wake her dad up. Like she doesn’t believe that she has a different savvy. ” I already know my savvy”. By Ingrid

  22. In the book Dragon’s Egg, by Sarah L. Thomson I liked it when the true dragons held Mella(The keeper) hostage until Roger (The king’s son) conviced the army that the dragon’s wouldn’t attack them.

  23. In the book The Magic Theif by Sarah Prineas I liked it when I found out that Conn never got sick in his whole life! “You’ve never been sick, then.”

  24. In the book We Can’t All Be Rattlesnakes by Patrick Jenningson pages83-88 the most exciting part was when Crusher tried to escaped but he failed.”Yes,Madame Snake! Rex said.Go!And good luck!”

  25. In the book We Can’t All Be Rattlesnakes By Patrick JenningsI like the part at the end where Crusher didn’t really eat the mouse and regurgitated he and protected the mouse. “Hide!Hide!”

  26. In the book “We All Can’t Be Rattlesnakes” I found it interesting when Speedy tried to escape but the mom caught him. That was very funny.

  27. In the book ” The Magic Theif ” the most exciting part to me was when Conn found his locus magicalicus. It was really fun when the guards thought that Conn was crazy because he said my stone is calling me.

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