Technology Feelings Update

This school year you have worked with closely with technology.

1.  What has your school experience with (or without) technology been like?

2.  Do you see any changes in the near future with technology?

3.  How do you feel about using technology for school projects?



8 thoughts on “Technology Feelings Update

  1. I really like how we have been using tecnology. It’s really fun. I see technology being really advanced. Technology for school is awesome. I wish we could do everything with technology.

  2. I love working with technology because its way more fun then working with textbooks and pencils. It also let’s us add more things to our projects like when were on the com,puter we can go to google. We can also save something and come back to it. I look very much forward to using technology in the future.

  3. I really love using technology at this school. Technoly makes things easier and better. I love using technology for projects because we can present them in a lot of ways. The best we can do without using technology for project will be a tri fold board and pictures with writing. Technology is so much better than just using a pencil and technology. I think that in the future technoly will be better and a lot more upgraded than what it is now.

  4. I love using technology at school. I have learned so mush more about technology because of how much we use it at school. And I think thats really great because some kids at school may not have a computer or technology or something at home. And at least those kids get to use technology at school. Technology has really helped me with my school work when i’m using stuff like Coach Connect, Study island, Education City, and Edmodo, and many more. So I really enjoy technology.

  5. Technology helps me find stuff easier it makes me wantr to do more oprojects on the computer. Television also helps you learn stuff. you can relax and sit back. It is very entertaining that why i like the technology.

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