Great start to the school year!

Students look for books

We are having a wonderful start to the school year in the HES media center!  Students have all made it through media center orientation–  learning about where to find what they need in the media center with a little bit of entertainment tossed into the video, too!  We created a football book display for NFL Friday in our back commons area and the boys are really starting to request those titles!   On September 15th, we celebrated #DotDay in the media center by making dot paintings and by reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

Fourth and fifth grade students have been learning about the Dewey Decimal System each week.  Tomorrow we will begin learning about the broad spectrum of the 300s section.  The non-fiction circulation has really increased!

Tiger TV is about to get up and going…  Our news crew will get started next week.  We will have a different news crew working each day of the week.  The students are excited about recording the show and sharing all of the fantastic happenings within our school!

There is an opportunity for our school to enter a fabulous giveaway, called the Back to School Giveaway, or BTSG for short.  Here is a link for anyone who would be interested in entering the #BTSG:


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