Let’s Go Places!

Eiffel TowerThis month I am blogging about some of my favorite Picture Books because it is #PictureBookMonth!  One reason that I like to read is that I can open a book and automatically be transported to another place!  In a picture book I could be in Mousopolis, like in Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey, or in Paris, France like in Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans!  I could be anywhere!  Settings in stories can take you places!

If I were writing a story for kids to read, the characters would be on the moon in a lunar home and community.  The soil of the moon cannot sustain life, so the characters would have to rely on others to shuttle their food to them.  The setting of the moon would provide a few challenges that the lunar community would have to adapt to or overcome.

When thinking about writing a story (maybe for NaNoWriMo or PiBoIdMo), where in the world would you put your characters?  In what setting?  How would it be different from other stories?

Eiffel Tower photo by kimberlykv from Flickr Creative Commons

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