Preparing for the HES Media Festival

Before asking students to dive in and make a media festival project, I like to show them examples of videos and podcasts to give them ideas of the many varieties of projects that are acceptable.  Media festival projects must be student created, but students may have some direction and guidance from a parent or teacher.

The following videos are not necessarily media festival projects and may have been created by older people.  However, I think that you can get great inspiration from the works of others, as well as see the possibilities that media can offer!

Podcasts:  The Hilarious Haunt 

Radio WillowWeb

Sequential Stills:  How to Enjoy Life

Live Action:  Check out Food Label Basics on the ISMF Winning Entries site (see link below)

Pixilation Animation (Human Animation):  Pixilation Animation 2010

ISMF Winning Entries on the ISMF site

Effingham County Schools Winning Media Projects

Lamar County Schools Winning Media Projects

Information about PhotoStory3 and sample Sequential Stills projects


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