10 Steps to creating a media festival project….

When I am planning a multimedia project, it makes it easier for me to think of the process in steps.  Hopefully, this list will be helpful for others as well.

1.  Come up with an idea–  This is usually the toughest step in the process because you want your project to be creative and unique, but not off the wall (weird).

2.  Decide on a format–  Do you want to do audio only? (podcast)  Does your project need pictures to make it work? (sequential stills)  Do you need actors and actresses to make your project fly? (live action)

3.  Sketch (generally) how you want your project to flow–  You want your project to have a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Storyboards can be really helpful at this point.

4.  Take photos or video–  At this point you know the direction that your project is going to take, so make time to snap some pictures or videotape.  Before videotaping it is helpful to have students practice any lines that they need to say.

5.  Organize photos in your multimedia application of choice–  You can use PhotoStory3, iMovie, or even PowerPoint to gather your photos and/or videos.

6.  Add transitions and titles-  Keep transitions to a minimum- one simple transition between each slide is enough.  Judges are usually looking for a clean and simple project, not one where transitions vary between every slide.  Likewise, titles shouldn’t be every color of the rainbow, but a color that complements the rest of the project.

7.  Final script for voiceovers-  Plan out exactly what you want to say for the project, then practice it (repeatedly).  You want it to sound smooth, like you are talking to someone.

8.  Record the voiceover-  This may be the most time consuming part of the multimedia project process.  Small errors can be edited out, but problems like background noise can’t.  Make sure that you speak clearly and enunciate well.

9.  Add royalty free music-  This step is totally optional.  There are a couple of websites with royalty free music that you can use as long as you cite your source:  Incompetech and Jewelbeat.

10.  Burn your project to a DVD-  Enjoy watching your project with your students.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.


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