Our School’s Media Festival


Judges View a Class Project

On Friday, five judges visited our school to view and rate our students’ multimedia projects for the Hubbard Student Media Festival.  All of the students who submitted projects worked diligently and created interesting pieces.  Our school had approximately forty media festival entries and twenty-six are advancing to the county level of the media festival, which will be held on March 14th.  


Teachers guided their classes through the multimedia creation process.  Small groups of students collaborated to develop their projects with assistance in the media center.  Some students chose to create podcasts of interviews of famous historical figures and others recorded stories and added sound effects.  Two student groups submitted animation projects.  Both of the animation projects were fictional stories about animals.  About five of the projects were live action, where students acted out a scene they had written.  The majority of students and classes submitted sequential stills projects created with iMovie, PhotoStory3, and/or PowerPoint.  Many of our students used cameras to take their own still shots!

We hope that many of our projects will fair well at the county media festival, so that they will be able to move on to the Georgia Student Media Festival (and possible the International Student Media Festival).


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