The Gingerbread Girl wins our heart!


Ernst Titles

Some of the latest books that I have read with my sweet 3 year old boy have been by Lisa Campbell Ernst:  When Bluebell Sang, Zinnia and Dot, and The Gingerbread Girl.  Our favorite of the three books was definitely The Gingerbread Girl!  Within the last week, we have read The Gingerbread Boy, so it was nice to be able to compare and contrast the two stories.  Rhyming words were incorporated nicely into The Gingerbread Girl, which helped to hold the interest of my boy.  The other two stories were well-written, but didn’t resonate with us as much as The Gingerbread Girl.  She won our heart!

Another title that we have shared was The Princess and the Pig by Emmett.  This is a title that might appeal more to my first and second grade students.  The illustrations by Poly Bernatene are exquisite!  If you have students asking for princess books, this might be the right one for them!


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