My 2012 Edublog Nominees

Here are my nominations for the Edublog Awards for 2012.  Enjoy!

Best Individual Blog:  The Busy Librarian– Matthew Winner

Best Group Blog:  LevelUpBC

Best New Blog:  Level Up Book Club

Ed Tech Blog:  Free Technology for Teachers– R.M. Byrne

Best Teacher Blog: Sharp Read- Colby Sharp

Best Library Blog/Librarian Blog:  Adventures of Library Girl- Jennifer LaGarde

Best Administrator Blog: Reflections from an Elementary School Principal

Best Individual Tweeter:  @ICTmagic Martin Burrett

Best Educational Wiki:  ICTMagic

Best Twitter Hashtag:  #tlchat

Best Free Web Tool:  Edmodo 

Best Open PD:  TL Virtual Cafe

Best Social Network:  Twitter

Best Mobile App:  Whirly Word



One thought on “My 2012 Edublog Nominees

  1. Misti,

    I’m late discovering this post, but I’m in awe of the impressive colleagues and blogs you’ve shared with all of us! Thank you so much for naming me among such good company. It’s quite an honor!


    – Matthew

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