Tang is Terrific

A Shelf Challenge Title

A Shelf Challenge Title

The artwork and the illustrations created by Taia Morley make Greg Tang’s books stand out!  As part of my journey through the T section of The Merry Media Center, I encountered Math Fables, Too by Greg Tang.  I expected to see numbers and a few mathematical equations sprinkled throughout the book.  There were many numbers included in the “fables” and scientific facts written in rhyme throughout the book.  The mathematical equations were lacking because the audience is expected to imagine them.  The book would be beneficial to teachers who are introducing fact families to their students, are reviewing addition facts to ten, or are sharing scientific characteristics of a variety of animals.  Our media center owns two companions to this title:  The Grapes of Math and Math for All Seasons.  The teaching value of Tang’s mathematical collection is strong overall.  To improve our library’s mathematics section, I will be looking to add the remainder of Tang’s titles.  It was exciting to find such a gem during the course of The Shelf Challenge!


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