Celebrating Poetry

Poem in Your Pocket 2013

For Poem in Your Pocket Day this year, we had a display where students could select a poem from one of the pockets.  As students visited the media center to check out library books, the media center staff shared the poems that were in our pockets and invited students to visit the display in the hallway to find a poem that they liked.  It was so much fun when students came back into the media center to share the poems that they had selected.  By the end of the day on Thursday many of the poems had been emptied from the pockets.  This year’s display is about twice as large as last year’s.  We hope to expand our poetry selection again next year.

During media center story times this month, we enjoyed reading Button Up by Alice Schertle, Step Gently Out by Helen Frost, and Swirl by Swirl by Joyce Sidman.  Button Up has the funniest poems, which are told from a perspective of a piece of clothing.  Emily’s Underwear is my favorite poem from the Button Up collection.  Step Gently Out and Swirl by Swirl are books that have one poem and showcase some of the best photos and illustrations!

A group of my first grade students had a wonderful time sharing poems with a class in another state via Skype.  The teacher of this class had participated in a poetry Skype last year to celebrate Poetry Month and made a request to do it again.  We scheduled the Skype and planned what we wanted to share.  The students took turns sharing poems.  Some of the poems were original poetry written by the students and some were not.  We had a lovely time sharing with Mr. Winner’s class in Maryland!

We had so much fun talking with Mr. Winner's students via Skype!

We had so much fun talking with Mr. Winner’s students via Skype!


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