Jumpstart the School Year!

Let’s get excited about starting a new school year!  Even though this will be my 8th year as a library media specialist, I am thrilled about seeing my students and getting them excited about reading!  It is always nice to have a plan and to have a list of things to do to jumpstart the school year.  I was extremely lucky my first year of being a media specialist because I had Cindy Thompson and Miriam Barge (from Clayton County, Georgia) as my media coordinators.  These two ladies knew how to plan and helped all of the new media specialists to be successful!  Luckily, I kept some of the wonderful planning information that they passed on to me and the other media specialists.

Here are a few of the items that Cindy and Miriam suggested that new media specialists do during the first month of school:

1.  Meet and greet the principal, assistant principal, bookkeeper, secretaries, and custodial staff.

2.  Set up your circulation calendar for the year (in Surpass, Destiny, Alexandria, etc.).

3.  Get student and teacher library cards printed from your circulation system.

4.  Provide laminating services for teachers.

5.  Check the supply of bulletin board paper.  Find out who supplies and orders bulletin board paper for the school.

6.  Issue any equipment that teachers have requested (document cameras, etc.).

7.  Create your teacher sign-up calendar for media center lessons.  If you want students to sign-in, then create a student sign-in calendar.

8.  Take a look at your Media Center Handbook and/or procedures to see what may need updating.  Make a note of possible changes, so that the media committee can approve these.

9.  If necessary, update student information in your circulation system, Accelerated Reader, and STAR reading.

10.  Plan a New Teacher Orientation to meet with new teachers and show them around the media center.

11.  Start scheduling the student orientation sessions.  Think through the most important information that students need to know about the library media center and plan to present it in a creative way (I like to create a video with students as the stars).

12.  Present Copyright information to teachers.

13.  Update the school website with upcoming dates, change the staff directory, and add new photos for a fresh feel.

14.  Organize the school’s Media Committee- set dates for meetings and set goals for the group.

15.  Plan ways to hook your students on reading– book talks, displays, etc.


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