Collaboration with Common Core State Standards

During a recent #Tlelem chat, I mentioned to the other teacher librarians that I planned to provide lists of possible topics for collaboration to the teachers that I work with at HES.  Last year, I had gone through my Crosswalk of the Common Core and AASL Standards and had highlighted topics that were most relevant to my practice, as an elementary school library media specialist.  This document was extremely useful to me, but later realized that I needed to take this a step farther and share with my colleagues.

This year it is important to me to let teachers know that I am willing to collaborate with them.  By giving teachers possible topics for collaboration up front, I would like to forge an open line of communication and show that I am willing to work with them to help the students achieve mastery of the Common Core State Standards.  Each grade level will receive a list of suggested topics for media center collaboration with the Common Core standard listed.  My hope is that these documents will open additional avenues for working with my colleagues and increasing student success!

Kindergarten Common Core

1st Grade Common Core

2nd Grade Common Core

3rd Grade Common Core

4th Grade Common Core

5th Grade Common Core


3 thoughts on “Collaboration with Common Core State Standards

  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m in a middle school library, and just made a list for 6th grade ELA. Hopefully I will have time to get a list made for 7th and 8th grade teachers before they come back to school in two days!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful Blog. We found you via Twitter and there are some very good articles. We are company that provides self-directed learning via our Hear and Read with GoReader. It’s a simple audio book player that we pair with printed books to change the reading experience for strugglers and reluctant readers to a really positive event. We’re following you on Twitter @bookbuddymedia Thanks for your terrific Blog.

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