Media Center Things to Do for September

The school year is off to a wonderful start!  Here are a few items that I am working on during the month of September:

1.  Make lists of titles that my students and teachers request that our library does not own or that we don’t have enough copies in circulation.  I like to use Follett’s Titlewave and Bound to Stay Bound’s website to create lists for easy access and ordering.

2.  Make a list of classes that I want to teach to each grade level.  Make a plan to collaborate with each grade level to share the ideas that I have for lessons.  Let teachers know that I am open to their lesson ideas as well.

3.  Gather information and set an agenda for the Media Committee meeting.

4.  Offer teacher training sessions on building class websites or other tech topics as requested.  Set my calendar to remind teachers to update their websites on the 1st of each month.

5.  Make plans for Dot Day for the week of September 15th.

6.  Set up book fair dates and start thinking about decorating/themes for this event (our Book Fair is in October).

7.  Work with the local public library to have a library card drive. It is Library Card Sign-Up Month!

8.  Ask the public librarian if we can have an art display set up in their space.  If this is possible, work with the art teacher to collect artwork for display.

9.  Talk about taking care of books with Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

10.  Rotate book displays as needed.

11.  Hire media center helpers and Tiger TV news anchors.

12.   Talk about books as often as possible!  Get students excited about books and authors!



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