First Grade

2 Digit Addition Problems

Here is a list of resources for teaching students about how to work 2 digit addition problems:

Addition without regrouping lesson


Addition Worksheets(See #8 )

Addition WITH regrouping crossword puzzle


10 Worksheets (without regrouping)



A powerpoint about clouds

An overview of weather (powerpoint)

National Weather Service Site

Weather games


One thought on “First Grade

  1. Thank you for the free links listed on you blog page. You are a big help to all of us. I just wanted your input on some ideas I am exploring while continuing my education. What do you think are the most effective uses of technology in lower grades? These could be in the classroom, computer lab, or at home. Additionally, do you think there exists an overexposure point to young minds when considering instructional technology? As a media specialist, how do you see technology merging with the good old fashioned books, magazines, and reference materials or do you see a trend towards replacement?

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