The BEST “T” title!

A #ShelfChallenge Title

A #ShelfChallenge Title

As I have traveled through the “T” section of The Merry Media Center, I have learned about several wonderful titles.  There was one title that was much more captivating for my students than ANY of the others.  Press Here by Herve’ Tullet allowed students to quickly and easily become engaged in the action of the story.  After reading the book at home with my little one, I decided to try it out on my students during story time.  Children took turns coming to the front to perform an action requested on each page.  The children immediately became interested in the dot and wanted to find out what might happen on the next page.  Press Here was so fantastic that after story time, many students asked to check out the book.  This title is a worthwhile investment for any library media center.  It is a perfect story to capture the attention of kinesthetic learners!


A wonderful adoption title

The #ShelfChallenge has been a delightful way to experience titles that I would not normally select to read.  Each night I read with my four year old boy and it has been nice to try new titles with him.  We were thrilled to share Press Here by Herve Tullet because it was interactive and fun.  Another book that we liked was Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Warren Turner.  This title approaches the topic of adoption in a gentle way and it is told from the perspective of the child.  After our shared reading my little boy told me that babies come on airplanes from Egypt.  We might need to find a different title on this topic.

Little Red Riding Hood Lurks in an Unexpected Place

Book Cover

Often in the Merry Media center, we receive requests for books that can be compared and contrasted.  During last night’s reading for the #ShelfChallenge, I happened across a true jewel, Ruby by Michael Emberley.  The red hooded mouse on the cover should have given me a clue that Red Riding Hood was lurking within the pages, but I was pleasantly surprised to find her when the story commenced.  This title was well-written and had colorful, detailed illustrations.  Ruby (Emberley) ended with a twist that students would enjoy!   This will definitely be my recommendation the next time someone asks for two titles he or she can compare and contrast.